Kneeling In The Sand
By Bill Stewart

Brave young soldiers kneeling in the sand,
Praying to Jesus in a far distant land.
These soldiers are Fathers, these soldiers are Mothers,
They're Daughters and Sisters, they're Sons and they're Brothers.

They're kneeling in prayer, yet standing so tall.
When the cry for help came, they answered the call.
They are covered at night by the prayers of a Mother,
While their guns lie at one side, their Bibles the other.

They are keeping their families close to their heart --
The "soldiers" back home who are doing their part
By praying for Mom, Dad, Daughter and Son,
"Lord, keep 'em safe -- bring 'em home when they're done!"

As for me -- I am home and I'm safe and I'm free,
Because, my young Hero, you have gone there for me.
Thank you, Brave Soldier!  You're Loyal.  You're True.
I'm on my knees before God...I am praying for YOU.