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This site is dedicated to sharing the resources, ideas, ministries, organizations, and etc. that Bill Stewart considers essential to staying on track with his purpose, mission, vision, and values. Bill Stewart does not profit financially from the sale of any resources or ideas listed on this site. However, mentioning that you heard about the resources or ideas from, does result, with various organizations, in a portion of the proceeds being donated to preselected non-profit organizations.

Random Notes from Bill Stewart's messy desk and random thoughts from his mind. Enter at your own risk! You might find it life changing! Common sense and sometimes humorus insights into finding your own purpose, mission and vision for your life.

Random Notes - Creative Thoughts

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My On-Purpose Business


 Trail Mix


There Was A Heartbeat



For an ON-PURPOSE Year and Life, I recommend reading


written by my friend, KEVIN MCCARTHY

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"The On-Purpose Person"

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The Sharpe Focus

LifeQuest Interview


God's Favorite Child

Sweet Tea 

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Personal Development & Spiritual Growth


 Heroes for Humanity

 Orphanage sponsored by Bill & Sarah's Foundation

Two Texans in India -- Interview

Transcript of Bill's talk in Kansas City

 Cuba Mission 2007

 Storms of Life

One Of The Two

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"Welcome Home, Soldier"

written by Russ Murphy and

performed by Mike Hammock

Songs I couldn't sing....but my friends could!

West Texas Skies

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